Cooling water recooler (floor units 2.3 kW - 81.5 kW cooling capacity)

The ETSCHEID-AquaCooly IK-V/ IK-H is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Systems from 2.4 kW - 150 kW for indoor and outdoor installation
With these systems, ETSCHEID GmbH presents you with the crème de la crème of liquid recoolers. The basic structure of this series corresponds to that of the systems with a fully hermetic motor compressor. However, the design of the refrigeration system can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 42 °C. The compressors are particularly robust and can therefore also be used under difficult conditions.

Plants of this size combine decades of experience in refrigeration technology and modern production processes, thereby setting standards in economy and reliability. The precise coordination between cooling capacity and pump capacity guarantees maximum functional reliability.

The standard version already includes an insulated water tank, a built-in agitator for better heat extraction from the liquid, an adjustable electronic controller with digital display and a collective fault message with error display. A potential-free contact for connection to external controls is available. The systems are available in numerous variants. Thanks to our flexible production, we are able to realize almost any customer request.

• Differential temperature controller

• Flow switch

• Hour meter

• External switch-on option

• Tank heater

• Timer

• Pressure dependent bypass valve

• Pressure gauge in the flow

• Return solenoid valve

• Changeover to mains water supply

• Water filter

• Supply air filter

• Insulation against condensation

• Liquid separator

• Winter start facility

• Split version

• Heat recovery

• Piping for deionized water

→ further options on request

In addition to the standard systems with air-cooled condenser, the following design variants are available for the AquaCooly IK-V and IK-H:

• Water-cooled systems for connection to a circulating water system

• Plants with once-through evaporator

• Systems with radial fans for connection to an existing ventilation system

• Particularly quietly operating systems for installation in laboratories, for example

• Outdoor installation

Our systems can also be equipped with special options, such as special pumps, special paint finishes, stainless steel designs, liquid circuits for aggressive media, systems with special voltages, temperature control units and much more.

TypIK-H 2IK-H 3IK-H 5IK-H 7IK-H 9IK-H 11IK-H 15IK-H 19IK-H 22IK-H 28IK-H 35IK-H 45IK-H 55IK-H 65IK-H 80IK-H 95IK-H 115
KältemittelR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134aR 134a
PumpentypCM 1-4CM 1-4CM 1-4CM 1-6CM 1-6CM 3-6CM 3-6CM 3-6CM 3-6CM 10-3CM 10-3CM 10-3CM 10-3CM 15-2CM 15-2CM 15-3CM 15-3
RohranschlussR 3/4“R 3/4“R 3/4“R 3/4“R 3/4“R 1“R 1“R 1“R 1“R 1 1/4“R 1 1/4“R 1 1/2“R 1 1/2“R 1 1/2“R 2“R 2“R 2 1/2“
SpannungV / Hz400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE400/50/3/N/PE
max. StromA3.
AbmessungenL mm7307308608601470147016701670167018001910180024602460300044004400
B mm67567576076083083093093093011001130110013801380140014001400
H mm11651165137015201560156017901790179019001900205020502050220022002200
ca. Gewichtkg160180270280390390610630650750890125014501600200023003000
*Mit Durchlaufverdampfer und Zweikreis-pumpsystem.