ETSCHEID Milchkühlwanne KW

milk cooling tubs

• Inexpensive and space-saving designs

• Easiest operation

• With gentle stirrer and automatic after-stirring

• Aggregates separately or ready to plug in

• Mobile prepared tubs from 300 l to 800 l

• Round tanks from 250 l to 2400 l

• U-shaped tank from 650 l to 2400 l

• All pans in stainless steel design

ETSCHEID milk cooling tanks are available in both round and rectangular designs and are also very reliable, space-saving, energy-saving and therefore economical. The high-quality stainless steel enables perfect insulation and thus prevents the temperature of the milk in the tank from rising. The milk is gently and efficiently mixed by a stable agitator. The large-area step evaporator achieves the best possible distribution of the refrigerant in the bottom of the evaporator. The highest level of hygiene is achieved through the sloping inner floors towards the outlet and an integrated drainage cup. The ETSCHEID milk cooling tanks enable the tanker driver to empty the entire milk cooling tank without air intake.

ETSCHEID Milchkühlwanne KW rund Edelstahl 250-2400 Liter

Round milk cooling tank – model KW

TypLiterØ – BreiteTankhöhe
Wanne rund25087,5102,5
Wanne rund300103925
Wanne rund35087,5122,5
Wanne rund500103122,5
Wanne rund650116,5122,5
Wanne rund700128,5114,5
Wanne rund800128,5123,5
Wanne rund1.000143123,5
Wanne rund1.200157127
Wanne rund1.600181,5128
Wanne rund2.000181,5146
Wanne rund2.400181,5164

ETSCHEID Milchkühlwanne KWU rechteckig Edelstahl 650-2400 Liter

Rectangular milk cooling tank – model KWU

• Manufactured exclusively from stainless steel

• perfect match to container size and evaporator base

• Guaranteed fastest and gentlest milk cooling through direct evaporation with forced operation

• Gentle agitator with automatic after-agitation

• Electronic control for precise process control

• several cooling circuits for safe cooling

• CFC-free insulation

• Milk cooling tanks type KWN, from 300 liters to 800 liters, available in a mobile version with base plate, lid seal and permanently attached refrigeration unit.

• KWE milk cooling tanks with ice water floor available from 250 liters to 800 liters

TypLiterTanklängeØ – BreiteTankhöhe
Wanne U Form6501509872,5
Wanne U Form8001839872,5
Wanne U Form1.00016811382,5
Wanne U Form1.20020011382,5
Wanne U Form1.40018312892,5
Wanne U Form1.60020612892,5
Wanne U Form1.80023212892,5
Wanne U Form2.000180158113
Wanne U Form2.400210158113
Wanne mobil300172103685
Wanne mobil500172103950
Wanne mobil700210128,5870
Wanne mobil800210128,5950

• Refrigeration unit with branded compressor mounted on base plate

• Performance classes from 0.7 kW – 1 hp up to 6.0 kW – 8 hp

• Electronic temperature controller with digital display

• Cooling control via built-in control box

• Storage temperature 4°C / 8°C can be preselected

• Automatic after-stirring

• If the milk is collected for two days, deep-freezing is possible

• Aggregate with pressure switch, collector, motor protection switch

• Efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerant

• In the case of split aggregates, piping and filling on site by a certified refrigeration engineer

• Operating voltage: 1 x 230V/N/PE 50Hz - 3x400V/N/PE 50Hz