ETSCHEID RHM Reiningungsautomat

Cleaning systems for milking systems

The ETSCHEID RHM 2000 cleaning machine cleans the entire milking system safely and economically. This preserves the quality of the milk.

The RHM 2000 is a versatile cleaning machine for cleaning the circulation and is suitable for all milking systems, whether pipe milking systems in tied stalls or in milking parlors with milk quantity measurement. In addition to normal cleaning, there is also the option of selecting special cleaning programs.

The display and the LEDs show the respective rinsing cycles, the cleaning temperature and the operating messages, such as pending maintenance of the system.

The heating elements keep the cleaning solution at the right temperature level during cleaning.

• Built-in heater from 6 kW to 24 kW for each milking installation

• Water tank optionally with 40, 90 or 160 liter content

• Simple and safe operation via membrane keyboard

• Digital thermostat with temperature display

• Cleaning program with 3 washes

• Pre-wash with mixed water (adjustable up to 5 times)

• Main wash cycle with warm water, alternatively alkaline/acidic

• Automatic detergent dosing by means of dosing pumps

• Rinse with cold water (adjustable up to 5 times)

• Water tank in 40, 90 or 160 l

• Heating capacity from 6 to 24 kW

• Peristaltic pumps with 350 ml/min. conveying capacity

• Vertically mounted drain valve

• Suction of the cleaning water into the milking system upwards from the water tank

• Cleaning water return directly to the drain valve

• Water tank is not contaminated by milk water

• All important parameters and times adjustable

• Adjustable service intervals, eg changing liners and servicing the milking machine

• Operating voltage 3x400V/N/PE-50 Hz

• Container made of stainless steel (outside 1.4301, inside 1.4571)

• Good insulation

• Outlet NW 40

• With control box

• Operation of the system only in connection with a decalcification system

• Version optionally with automatic or manual detergent dosing